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Drama The Artist Makes An Absolutely Massive Debut in 2021 – Mastodon – Now Available On Every Major Music Platform!

In switching up his official moniker from DRVMATIK to Drama The Artist, the young mogul of the m-i-c signaled to the world that something absolutely massive was in the plans. Over the past year, he’s been working 24/7 around the clock in the lab, refining and perfecting a lineup of cuts that represent where he’s been & what he’s been through – and most importantly, sets the stage for the future of his legacy. For a transition in a career this significantly huge, Drama The Artist knew he had to go bigger, harder, and more epic than ever before to establish his name permanently in the game with the very best of the best. It was never simply making another great record listeners could turn up – the real mission has always been about changing the world by creating an unforgettable experience in music unlike any other. Over the course of fifteen groundbreaking cuts that flex seriously hybrid finesse in a wild combination of Rap, Trap, HipHop, R&B, Pop, Soul & more – Drama The Artist’s debut record Mastodon is full confirmation that he’s already got the insightful bars and highly addictive sound that artists search their entire careers to find. Proudly backed by True Fortune Entertainment and loaded up with powerful guest-stars from the frontlines of the scene in the set-list like Psykes, HellzFlame, Fr!day, & VonMakeHits – Mastodon is stocked with larger-than-life personalities and supercharged with verbal charisma that completely proves Drama The Artist & his crew are gifted with an ability to spit bars stronger than steel with bulletproof hooks. Armed with a full complement of shifting styles, gripping sensory vibes, intense collaborations, and massive beats designed to shake the walls & turn good times into great ones – DTA’s Mastodon not only confirms he’s on that next-level, but that he’s got everything it takes to reach #1 on charts & playlists around the globe. Don’t get caught sleepin’ – Mastodon is out & available online now!

Drama The Artist Poses For A Celebratory Pic
Drama The Artist "Mastodon" Album Cover Designed by Krissy Hudson


To Book: booking@dramatheartist.com 4026468865


To contact Management:  management@dramatheartist.com


Contact Drama the Artist Directly: drama@dramatheartist.com

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