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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I am an independent artist with over 10 years of experience in the music Industry and the graphic design field. Having sustained multiple rebrands from 'DRVMATIK' to 'Drama" I believe my niche has been found with "Drama the Artist" 

On the flip side of the coin I am also 'Drama the Merch Connect' a graphic designer, clothing designer, and merchandising specialist from Lincoln Nebraska. I am working hard every day to keep artist branding as professional as possible, and creating top-tier quality custom items for small businesses and Independent artists and bands.

I gather inspiration from everything that I see and have developed a passion for creating original art


Our Story

Caleb Bruns aka 'Drama the Artist' was born in Omaha Nebraska. Since a young age he has been obsessed with music. He got his start in music by singing in church and in choirs in school. He  started making music as a career after high school; First in the punk circuit and eventually moving to hip-hop. The punk influence carries heavily into his current music which cannot be defined by a single genre. He strives to continue pushing the envelope experimenting with sounds and melodies to create unique music with a real message. 

In 2021 Caleb started his own business 'Drama the Merch Connect'. He has created merch and promotional items such as custom lighters, decals, stickers, clothing, and much more to help small businesses and independent artists succeed. 

Our vision with this company is to help these parties in any way possible with whatever they may need to succeed.

Caleb's background is in the Graphic design field and he specializes in eye-catching logos, album covers, fliers and more. His signature art style includes bold fonts and Bright vivid colors. Send us a message today to see how we can help you level up and continue to see success.

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